Material testing is a critical component of the quality control system at VDL Castings. Modern instrumentation and certified employees enable us to offer controlled and certified products.

Test equipment 

  • ZwickRoell 2330 RED, Tensile machine (2021) test load 330-2500 kN.
  • Instron CEAST 9050 (2018), Impact machine testing methods ranging from 0.5 - 50J and including Charpy, Izod and Tensile Impact.
  • CNC WENZEL LH 1210 3 K Measuring Machine (1998).
  • 3D GOM ATOS II optical 3D scanner based on fringe projection, delivering accurate and traceable 3D coordinates, measuring castings, cores and moulds.
  • Ultrasonic testing equipment
  • MPI testing equipment (automated and manual)