Depending on the desired product and volume, the choice of a VDL Castings location will be determined.

The capacity of the foundries:

Foundry Heerlen

HWS Mould line: 850 x 630 x 330/330
Capacity moulding line: 130 moulds/hour
Melting: cupola furnace 20 tons/hour
Core shooting machine: FCS60/H16/H12/H6,5
Grinding: 15 cabins, 1 automatic grinder

Foundry Weert:

HWS Mould line 1,250 x 850 x 400/400
Capacity moulding line capacity: 60 moulds/hour
Melting: electric induction furnace 10 tons/hour
Core shooting machine: L130/L150/H40/L16
Grinding: 18 cabins, 1 automatic grinder