SiMo cast iron

SiMo spheroidal graphite cast iron (according to EN 16124), low alloyed ferritic spheroidal graphite cast iron is alloyed with silicon and molybdenum. The silicon, like in ductile cast iron, increases the strength, provides a ferritic matrix and increases the resistance to oxidation at higher temperatures by forming a protective oxide skin. The molybdenum ensures that the strength decreases less at higher temperatures, up to approximately 700 °C. The material is therefore ideally suited for the production of exhaust manifolds and turbochargers.

Delivery program SiMo cast iron;

EN-GJS-SiMo25-5, EN-GJS-SiMo30-7, EN-GJS-SiMo35-5, EN-GJS-SiMo40-6 

EN-GJS-SiMo40-10, EN-GJS-SiMo45-6, EN-GJS-SiMo45-10, EN-GJS-SiMo50-6