VDL Castings

VDL Castings has two foundries in Heerlen and Weert and is a producer of castings.

The renowned Dutch foundries, with more than 100 years of experience, take care of your product from design to delivery. VDL Castings specializes in the supply of more complex castings. In various parts for the automotive industry, the agricultural sector, construction and mining industry and machine building in general.



Depending on the desired product and volume, the choice of a VDL Castings location will be determined.

The capacity of the foundries:

Foundry Heerlen

HWS Mould line: 850 x 630 x 330/330
Capacity moulding line: 130 moulds/hour
Melting: cupola furnace 20 tons/hour
Core shooting machine: FCS60/H16/H12/H6,5
Grinding: 15 cabins, 1 automatic grinder

Foundry Weert:

HWS Mould line 1,250 x 850 x 400/400
Capacity moulding line capacity: 60 moulds/hour
Melting: electric induction furnace 10 tons/hour
Core shooting machine: L130/L150/H40/L16
Grinding: 18 cabins, 1 automatic grinder

Part of the VDL groep

VDL Groep

Since 2017 VDL Castings Heerlen and VDL Castings Weert are part of the VDL Groep.

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